Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet Of Things:

CIT has experts to design and develop end to end IoT solutions suitable to the requirements.

CIT team worked in-depth in Wireless, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth protocols and interfaced the generated data to various clouds in a secured manner. CIT has expertise in below protocol stacks.

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. BT/BLE
  3. 6 LowPAN
  4. LORA
  5. ZigBee

iot stack

IoT Products

IoT Kit

IoT Kit is an end to end solution to control and access status of environmental sensors and actuators through an app over the cloud.


  1. Simple user interface
  2. Database design
  3. Generic interface to connect various clouds
  4. User authentication
  5. Secured communication
  6. Discovery, Configuration and Provisioning

Industrial IoT Gateway

CIT came up with design and development of Industrial IoT gateway framework. The Industrial IoT gateway framework is a software solution that bridges the semantic gaps between the raw sensor data and the information context that is interested by high-level applications.

The connection from end units to Internet or cloud is established at an edge system which serves as communication gateway to bridge local networks with cloud systems.

To support IoT operations, the framework running on edge systems allows the application user to register devices in the sub network, makes them discoverable, and carries out remote command executions on the devices. This framework also facilitates to establish intelligence among devices.


  1. Provision to interface with end node by using BT/BLE, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, 6LoWPAN, LORA, Ethernet
  2. Web interface to discover, Configure and provisioning of end nodes
  3. Gateway interfacing to Cloud MQTT, IBM BlueMix, Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT and Firebase
  4. Management of Gateway and End Node
  5. Alerts and Notifications
  6. Device to device communication in offline mode
  7. Secured communication
  8. Logging facility for debugging
  9. Firmware upgrade