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Embedded Systems

Porting & Integration

We are experts in porting the Andriod onto various platforms like Mini2440 and Beagle boards.

Product Development

    Below are our products, that are into the market and are serving as an unique solution to the current world problems:

    ▪ FunLearn: A gadget that helps students to measure their knowledge levels by going through the various tests conducted by it.
       CIT developed this gadget from scratch. Both hardware and software is designed and developed by its own....>> Read More

    ▪ Python based SDK for controlling various components of embedded board....>> Read More

BSP development

We work on various Freescale Linux BSPs.

Board Bring up

We have expertize on bringing up various ARM7 and ARM9 boards.


We have hands-on experience on various RTOSs like RTLinux, ThreadX and VxWorks etc...

Device Drivers

We have hands-on various device drivers like USB, PCIe, SCSI Generic, IPMI etc...

Linux kernel

We are experts in Customization of 3.2 kernels, Networking