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• Embedded gadget
• Learning aid for students
• Controller:LPC2148(ARM7)
• 2GB SD card with fat32 for storing encrypted data
• LCD for displaying
• Keypad for user interaction
• Rechargeable battery
• Multi level for each subject
• Can store last ten test results


• Unified Storage(SAN & NAS)
• Management Interfaces:CLI and WBI
• Portable across all the Linux distribution
• iSCSI and FC interfaces for IO path
• Disk encryption to prevents unauthorized access
• Snapshots and Remote Snampshot Replications for data protection
• RAID0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID6, RAID10 and RAID 50
• Performance graphs at volume and disk level
• SSD as cache for increased IO performance
• Deduplication for eliminating duplicate data
• Gradual evolution into hyper-coverged


AgriHealth Monitor:
• Sensor Unit (SU) samples the chemical component of the plants
• SU sends Health Index of the crop to the cloud over wireless media
• The middleware in the cloud determines amount of fertilizer for better crop yield
• Sends an alert to the farmer

• Reduce input fertilizer costs.
• Allows fertilizers to be adjusted during the growing season to meet plant requuirements
• Only apply fertilizer to areas that need it.
• Collect data anytime
• Past history and statistics of the crop
• Deduplication for eliminating duplicate data
• Gradual evolution into hyper-coverged

Crimson Health Monitoring IoT Application

Health Monitoring IoT Application is used to access the data from medical related electronic devices and as well controls the devices from anywhere in the world. The Web/Mobile Application consists of Dashboard with multiple nodes like Node1, Node2 etc, attached to a patient and displaying real time data of the device node from application on click.

Crimson Storage Validation Manager (CSVM)

Crimson Storage Validation Manager (CSVM) is a cloud based test tool. The user will be able to access his/her test lab where the SSD & NVMe devices are connected to test machines, from anywhere globally. User can have complete control over the validation process and can start, stop, monitor, and collect the reports of validation from anywhere

CSVM is capable of testing the drives for the DVT, QA and Production purposes. The suite supported interfaces are:

    ▪ SATA
    ▪ NVMe
    ▪ SAS