Data Science

SaaS platform for Data Scientist Workloads

Power ML with a workflow optimized, dynamic resource automation and acceleration. Enabling more DL/ML training and inference, In less time, On less hardware, across any clouds and across any AI chips. A “model aware learning system” which transforms any infrastructure to fit to model needs dynamically.

Some features are like..

  1. Model Aware Learning System
  2. Effective Shared GPU Allocations
  3. GPU Virtualization
  4. Distributed Training Feature
  5. Virtual Pooliong of GPUS
  6. Amazon Sagemaker
  7. CUDA Programming
  8. Progressive GAN application

Robotic Surgery Platform

The Robotic Digital Microscope(RDM) platform from our client in the US consists of a robotic arm and digital displays and it allows surgeons to achieve superior visualization compared with standard optical microscopes during a variety of complex surgical procedures.

The RDM includes software to help with visualization, including 3D digital visualization and a customizable Image Modes feature that allows the surgeon to augment what’s seen to better discern the tissue or structure of interest. A 10X optical zoom function and fluorescence backlighting also help with imaging.

In the midst of the pandemic, the system also provides surgeons with more protection, as the displays can be viewed by many staff members simultaneously and while wearing bulky PPE such as faceshields, unlike conventional surgical microscopes. The platform also avoids the need for surgeons to stoop or crouch unnaturally, and therefore helps them to prevent the back pain that is frequently associated with long hours spent performing surgery.

Some features are like..

  1. 3D Views
  2. Fluorescence imaging
  3. Robotic-assisted features that include location presets called WayPoints. Allow automated camera relocation to and from preset locations.
  4. Heads-up video display, which helps to unify the surgical team by allowing.Everyone in the Operation Room to see the procedure in 3D on a 4K resolution monito.
  5. Surgeon can also controls the Robotic Operation his Speech in multiple languages.
  6. Traceability of desired instrument while doing the surgery.

Edge AI SaaS

We passionately believe that the software platforms that power Enterprises of the Future will be Intelligent at their Core. We also believe that the Intelligence is migrating towards the Edge, with more and more applications.

By looking at advancements in deep neural networks, porting of various models on EdgeAI Platform is bit challenging. Crimson explored the tools provided by AI platform vendors and tools developed in-house to export models and achieve good performace and accuracy.

Crimson ported and optimized various computer vision models on different EdgeAI platfoms like Nvidia,Ambarella,Xilinx etc

  • GPU archestration
  • Edge Caching
  • Edge traning accelerators
  • Data collection and Preprocessing
  • Model Training
  • Model Compression
  • Deploy on to Edge devices
  • Inference at Edge
  • Benchmark Results
  • Computer Vision

  • 3D Annotation
  • Auto Annotation
  • Video Tracking
  • Reprojection
  • Face Recognition
  • Automatic Weeding in Agriculture
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Defect Tracking
  • Top