Agri Raksha

Farmers across the India face significant financial loss due to crop damage by wild animals, birds. According to agricultural surveys it shows that, the crop loss due to wild animals in the night due to Pig, Deer, Rat, Porcupine, Rabbit, Mouse, Monkeys etc. causing severe economic loss to farmers. Along with crop loss some time even some casualties are found. The Govt. bodies are spending a lot on crop insurance and casualties caused by these animals. As per the survey Insurance claims was in the magnitude of 40 to 50 Lakhs per state due to crop insurances. AgriRaksha is a simple solution found by Crimson Innovative Technologies for keeping away the Birds and Animals by scaring them. It is an easy and reliable sound generating system to prevent the crops damage in a safe and humane way.

Benifits :

  1. Reduce financial loss due to crop damage caused by birds and animals
  2. Reliable technology that scare away birds and animals that infest valuable crops Fully automatic, random and specific sound play system
  3. Works without human intervention

Features :

  1. Solar powered with rechargeable batteries
  2. Portable
  3. Low and full battery charge indication
  4. Adjustable volume control
  5. Time duration settings
  6. Adjustable delay control

Smart Switch

In urban area the electricity consumption by domestic purposes is almost about 30 to 47%. The wastage of in urban area is due to improper usage of electric appliances. The total residential energy consumption can be significantly reduced if house hold appliances are used in efficient way. Number of studies has estimated overall savings can be around 25-35% from the use of efficient appliances and by avoiding energy wastage.
Smart switch will help to make use the electrical appliances in an efficient way. And in-turn it saves the energy and cost. Smart Switch is a WIFI based, reliable and affordable home automation device. With Smart switch one can control, monitor and schedule lights, fans, TV, AIR-Conditioners and any other electrical appliances from anywhere using their smart phones.


  1. WIFI Enabled Device
  2. Turn home appliances ON/OFF and schedule from any part of the world
  3. Display electriciy consumption on day, weekly and monthly basis with graphs
  4. Configured to control various parameters and schedule the home appliances for effective usage of electricity
  5. Portable and easy to install
  6. Easy maintanence

Smart Pump Control

Technology based solutions were extensively used in developed countries in the field of agriculture resulting maximum yield with less effort. In India we are still at the beginning in using technology in this reas. To empower our farmers with technology and minimise their efforts, Crimson innovated the Smart Pump Control.

Smart Pump Control (SPC) will enable farmers to operate in agricultural water pump remotely. The pump can be monitored and controlled, switched on and off, with the help of a mobile phone.

SPC are GSM based Mobile Starters, equipped with latest micro controller based software technology, made to save the stress of travelling back and forth to the pump in rough and distant locaions to start and stop the motor several times a day and night.

Benifits :

  1. Saves your time, effort and labour cost
  2. Saves your resources like petrol,since you don't need vehicle to commute to the field
  3. Saves electricity consumption.
  4. Reduces water wastage, enabling us to be environmental cautious.
  5. Rust proof, shock proof moulded panel box made with engineering plastic.
  6. Dust proof, easy to change PCB enclosure with connectors SPC Mobile phone Pump Starter Mobile Phone enabled features.


eFinder t is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset through google maps, whenever there is a disposition of the object.

Features :

  1. Tiny and Portable device
  2. Real time tracking of a person or object world wide
  3. Display electriciy consumption on day, weekly and monthly basis with graphs
  4. Streetlevel map accuracy to get the details of an object
  5. Useful to any organization to track or monotor thier movable objects