System Software

System software in embedded systems plays a critical role in enabling the hardware components to function as intended. It provides the necessary infrastructure and services for embedded applications to run efficiently.

Technical Expertise


Frameworks: QT, V4L2, Gstreamer, OpenCV/gl/Cl


Leading platforms from ARM, Atmel, Microchip, Renesas, STMicro, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Intel, NXP, ADI, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and others with Linux, Android, and RTOS operating systems

Device Drivers

Camera, Graphics, LCD, Touch, Audio, NAND, eMMC, SDIO, MMC/SD Card, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB.

Our Full Stack Embedded Services include:

  1. Porting & Integration
  2. Product Development
  3. Board design and development
  4. BSP and Device Driver Development
  5. 5. Board Bring-up
  6. RTOS (Real-Time Operating System)
  7. Linux Kernel
  8. Middleware development
  9. System Integration
  10. Embedded UI Application Development
  11. Testing: Functional, System, Application and Test Automation.

Key Componentsof System Software


Core operating system, responsible for tasks like process management, memory management, and device management.

File System

The file system manages data storage and retrieval, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Real-Time Support

For real-time embedded systems, real-time kernels and scheduling are crucial to meet strict timing constraints.

System software in embedded systems serves as the bridge between hardware and application software, facilitating efficient and reliable operation. Understanding the functions and components of system software is crucial for developing successful embedded systems.
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